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Free Trade Zone Operations | Miami, FL

at Albion Staffing

Posted: 1/3/2020
Job Status: Full Time

Job Description

About Albion Staffing Solutions:
Albion has been offering Temp; Contract and Direct Hire Staffing Services for 20-years from offices located throughout South Florida.  Offering General Admin/Clerical and Light Industrial staffing services, Albion also specializes in the Logistics, Allied Healthcare and Banking industries.

About this Position:

Albion Staffing Solutions is in need of a Free Trade Zone Operations for a company located in the Miami, FL area. Coordinates data entry operations for the timely and accurate receipt of inventory, and inventory control functions.  Fully responsible for daily reconciling of inventory opening level and closing levels, submit inventory reports in timely manner for weekly, end-of-month and end-of-year operations.  Cross-functional with sales and accounting departments as needed for the compiling and submitting of reports. Assists in the management of vendor relations for services and products needed by the organization. 

Job Description: 

Administrative personnel who have satisfactory experience and training in the areas of management, data entry processing, procurement and logistics fields.  Process orders for delivery, manages air, ocean and ground logistics, inventory control and distribution of products. An experienced worker in the logistics field who can perform all functions within the department with a minimum of supervision and can demonstrate leadership qualities and performs supervisory duties with an opportunity for independent judgment Maintains responsibility, under the supervision of the Operations Manager, for assuring that the FREE TRADE ZONE department delivers the highest quality of service in accordance with the profession of logistics.

  • Receives inventory via electronic file CF 214 and downloads file data into ERP System for allocation of inventory for sales order processing and CF7512 OR 7501. Reviews electronic file data prior to downloading and receiving into ERP System, ensure data is accurate, correct and complete for smooth allocation and processing.  Prints and attaches tallies, receiving report and all other vital paper work that is unique to the in bond shipment and Proforma Invoice.
  • Resolves any issues regarding accuracy of data files, import documents and file, and allocation of inventory in ERP System. Communicates with and utilizes appropriate personnel for timely resolution and smooth operations.
  • Manages Daily 206 file and documents through the various revisions. Alerts and keeps sales and data entry staff of changes in timely manner, by tracking and communicating with Vendors, Customers, Import and Export agents, Freight Forwarders, and Custom Brokers as needed.
  • Tracks and monitors all inbound freight from all foreign production countries by utilizing documents such as Purchase Orders, invoices, airway bills, bill of ladings, and tracking reports for both air freight and ocean freight shipments. Take appropriate action to resolve all problems during the importing operations and properly documents.
  • Performs audit on all import documents for all customer deliveries. Reviews and determines performance for accurate entry of data and compliance with US Customs, FDA and various other governing agencies.  Provides findings and result s of audit in proper format and provides in detail of reason for error and action taken to correct.  Ensure that “reasonable care” is observed during importing process and value, classification, and codes are accurate, correct and complete.
  • Reports and follows up on all shipments placed on hold, testing, and detention by US Customs, FDA and or Home Land Security agencies. Takes action to assist and resolve issues for timely clearance and release of needed product.
  • Manages relationship with vendors, customs brokers, freight forwarders and frozen and dry storage selectors and stockers for smooth operations. Documents incidents, action and disposition on all matters and issues not within normal operations and standards.  Ensure vendors operate within company standards.
  • Reconciles dry, frozen and chilled inventory for daily operations, weekly reporting for scorecard, and monthly for end-of-month procedures. Provides justification of variances and action taken to resolve any inventory issues.  Reports final results and findings to Inventory Control Manager, Operations Manager, and Accounting in timely manner.
  • Supervises and assists in processing data for timely reporting. Communicates status to chain of command and takes appropriate action to resolve any issues
  • Manages and maintains good record keeping and filing practices for compliance of company’s record keeping standards and governing agencies requirements and standards. Maintains and reports all records pertaining to all aspects of importing, inventory control and distribution, as determined by the Operations Manager.
  • Acts as logistic resources and support for recall operations during testing and actual exercise. Records incident and actions taken for compliance with governing agency rules and regulations.
  • Documents and reports all shortages and overages of product received at port of entry. Ensures import documents are corrected and within compliance to import and trade standards regarding quantity, classification, and values of product and submits claims to appropriate parties.
  • Assist in outbound (Distribution) operations and sales order processing as needed. Manages and maintains ERP System data base systems for smooth and accurate data operations. Alerts appropriate staff and service vendors during down times and or conflict of data for processing.
  • Identifies problem areas or potential problem areas, evaluates the situation and develops a solution and discuss with Operations Manager.
  • Reviews all receiving reports and quality reports for accuracy and compliance of standards. Reports to Operations Manager of any deviations from company’s standards.
  • Responsible for maintaining adequate inventory stock levels to provide optimal service levels to customers, taking into account safe practices and efficient use of product.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding by knowing and following the rules and regulations and guidelines as well as the philosophies of the following:






  • Possess the ability to form good working relationships with variety team members, as observed by the Operations Manager.
  • Interacts with external and internal customers in a professional manner, as observed by the Operations Manager.
  • Is available and ready to work at the assigned time and workstation. Spends free time in a constructive manner without prompting.
  • Performs other duties and tasks as assigned by the Operations Manager.
  • Demonstrates ability to operate and manage data base system. Compiles reports using data base modules for tracking and distribution functions.


High school and/or college graduate or equivalent.  Demonstrated knowledge and skill in the data entry functions and distribution chain functions internationally and global. 

Workplace Location:
Applicants will work in the customer's facilities in Miami, FL.

Candidate Advice:

  • Albion uses E-Vertify to verify employment eligibility.   
  • Pre-Employment and random Drug and Background testing applicable.
  • Only Local Candidates will be considered; no relocation provided.
  • A clean background needed for employment in Freight Forwarding locations as TSA/STA Certification will be needed.
  • Reliable Transportation to/from the workplace is necessary.

Applying for this position:
Please apply via the Link displayed or directly into Albion's Talent Community at: